An increased social media footprint can provide you with an opportunity to interact with both your existing and potential customer base as well as build your brand in a social landscape. Leveraging social media also allows for invaluable competitor research; a necessity when it comes to staying relevant and successful in the business world. Simply put, you need to know what your competition is up to, especially the areas where they are excelling. This will enable you to both adapt and apply this useful information to your own business. 

If you have been trying to deliver great content to your followers on social media but, failing, the CarmellaCrew workshops are for you. Our 120-minute workshops will deliver tested and proven strategies you can take home and apply the same day. Special guest appearances from the industries hottest travel bloggers, photojournalists, and creatives are a must. Expect these sessions to be conversational, content-focused and flirting with the edge of innovation in social media.